Why Could a Dog Collapse? Valentino’s Story

What could cause your dog to quickly run out of energy during their favorite activity? Can you think of causes that would lead to loss of stamina and eventually a collapse?

Things that can result in a collapse include:

  • an electric shock
  • severe reactions to snake or insect bites or stings
  • poisoning
  • respiratory disease
  • heart disease
  • blood disease
  • endocrine disease
  • drug reactions or overdoses

Source: VetsNow

Why Could a Dog Collapse? Valentino's Story—What Would You Dog if it Was Your Dog?

Valentino’s story

When Valentino was adopted, he was in bad shape. He did, however, become flourish fast. After three months of gentle loving care, Valentino became a happy, ever-ready bunny. He never wanted to stop playing.

The first signs

The first thing Valentino’s mom noticed that every now and then he would lose interest in play after chasing his ball a few times. That did not fit with the Valentino he became.

Sometimes, when they arrived home, Valentino would not get out of the car. His mom thought it was a behavioral issue. Could it have been that Valentino didn’t have enough energy left to get up and make it in the house?

The frequency of Valentino being lethargic and having no energy kept increasing. Valentino also became a picky eater.

Talking to a veterinarian

Valentino’s mom talked to their veterinarian but that didn’t offer much insight. The veterinarian felt that Valentino was acting out and didn’t recommend any testing.

Valentino’s collapse

Could acting out lead to a complete collapse? Because that is what eventually happened to Valentino. It took his mom hours to eventually get him home.

Their own veterinarian wouldn’t see take them for an emergency visit. As a result, they went to see a different veterinarian. This was life-saving for Valentino because he got his diagnosis that day.

What do you think was wrong with Valentino? What would you do if it was your dog?

Find out what was wrong with Valentino here.

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