Dr. Lorie Huston, DVM

Dr. Lorie was a wonderful veterinarian and a friend. She was a certified veterinary journalist, pet health/pet care expert, author/freelance writer/blogger, and blogging/SM/SEO consultant. She practiced small animal veterinary medicine for over 20 years. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine was surgery.

Dr. Lorie was hoping to get a dog, but because one of her adoptive cats was afraid of them, she shared her life with cats only. That, however, didn’t make her a crazy cat lady. She was kind and always ready to help everybody.

It was a big loss for the pet world when she passed away in September 2015.

Her blog covered cats, dogs, exotic pets, fish, and horses. She contributed to veterinary blogs such as The Daily Vet column on petMD. You can read her columns here.

It is my honor that her contributions to my blog can be part of her legacy.

Books authored by Dr. Lorie:

Labrador Retrievers: How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend
Labrador Retrievers: How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend

This short book covers all of the important parts of taking care, training and behavior issues that come with a puppy or even an adult dog that is adopted. This is a must read for anyone considering the breed. Oh yes, it even covers shedding, something I hadn’t counted on with my lab

Dr. Lorie Huston helps new and longtime Lab lovers navigate the world of what to do (and not do) when raising and caring for a Labrador Retriever.

Learn where and how to choose the perfect pup, and how to prepare your house for its arrival. Huston teaches what to look for on food labels, offers practical advice on training and destructive behaviors, guides you on grooming and general care and helps you brush up on diseases that commonly afflict this breed.

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