Dogs are built to vomit—they can throw up at the drop of a hat. So when do you worry?

If my dog vomits just once, looks and acts normal, and I can put my finger on the cause, I don’t get overly worried. However, if your dog keeps vomiting and/or exhibits signs of distress, it’s time to be on your way to the vet.

Learn what questions to ask yourself when your dog throws up.

My Dog's Vomiting: Why Is My Dog Throwing up?
Why Is My Dog Vomiting? Potential Causes
My Dog's Vomiting: Why Is My Dog Throwing up?

While vomiting is often caused by a problem in the GI tract itself, the issue might be originating somewhere else altogether.

Vomiting versus Regurgitation
Regurgitation in Dogs

Regurgitation is not vomiting. What is the difference between the two and why does it matter?

Severe Vomiting in Dogs
My Dog's Vomiting: Severe Vomiting

We all know that vomiting is bad, but many dog owners don’t understand exactly how much damage severe or prolonged vomiting can do to a dog’s body.

Examining Your Dog’s Vomit
My Dog's Vomiting: Examining the Vomit

I get that nobody likes playing with puke. But if your dog does throw up, examining what came out can be quite useful.

What does your dog’s vomit content tell you?

Coffee Grounds in a Dog's Vomit: What Is That Dark Grit in My Dog's Vomit?
Coffee Grounds Vomit

What appears like coffee grounds might not be coffee grounds at all but digested blood. 

Blood in Dog Vomit: Why Is There Blood in My Dog's Puke?
Blood in the Vomit

The appearance of the vomited blood depends on where it came from and how long it remained in the GI system.

Worms in a Dog's Vomit: Why Is My Dog's Puke Full of Worms?
My Dog’s Vomiting Worms

What if your dog’s vomit looks like they’ve just eaten spaghetti noodle soup?

Green Vomit in Dogs: What Made My Dog's Puke Green?
Green Vomit

What Made My Dog’s Puke Green? Bright green vomit is an emergency.

Bilious Vomiting Syndrome
My Dog's Vomiting: Bilious Vomiting Syndrome

Morning stomach upset in dogs. The theory is that this happens from acid build up in the stomach.

My Dog's Vomiting: Pancreatitis

Diagnosing pancreatitis is also not always easy.  The symptoms are common to many other diseases. As well as not every dog with pancreatitis looks like this, so diagnostic tests are necessary. 

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