Dr. Joanna Paul BSc BVSc

Dr. Jo is a practicing small animal veterinarian based in Melbourne, Australia. She is an associate veterinarian at Croydon Pet Hospital.

We have worked together on past projects, and Dr. Jo has been so kind as to review and edit my medical articles. Creature Clinic is the wonderful sponsor of this blog.

Dr. Jo and I got to know each other when I had the opportunity to design and layout her wonderful book, First Aid for Pets. This essential guide to pet first aid should be on a shelf of every dog parent.

Dr. Jo’s content features current, up-to-date information on pet health and behavior issues – all based on her decade of experience as a veterinarian and carefully checked to be in line with the latest scientific research.

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Books authored by Dr. Jo:

While you’re here, do not forget the check out her awesome books.

First Aid for Pets by Dr. Joanna Paul

First Aid for Pets

Knowledge of pet first aid has the potential to alleviate pain and suffering, prevent further harm, and yes, one day it could save your pet’s life.

Grab your copy of this essential guide to pet first aid and be prepared no matter what life throws at you.

You can get the book complete with a first-aid kid designed by a veterinarian.

Doggy Danger: A Guide to Common Poisons in the Home

Grab your copy of this simple, downloadable guide to common poisons in the home.

Learn how to:

  • avoid the most common poisons to dogs
  • recognize the signs of poisoning in your dog
  • be confident to act quickly if your dog is poisoned
Doggy Danger: A Guide to Common Poisons in the Home

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