Are you familiar with the look of your dog’s pee and their urinary habits?

Observe these things while your dog is healthy. Only then you can notice any changes which are the reflection of changes in your dog’s health.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

To a dog, urine isn’t just waste, it is a precious commodity. I’m always fascinated by how carefully Jasmine selects just the right spot worthy of her deposit.

I’m sure that you have noticed your dog’s fascination with urine markings. It is imperative that every tree, every pole and every hydrant gets carefully examined.

You might think that dogs can’t read but they can! Only their required reading isn’t written in words.

My Dog's Pee: What Information You Can Glean from Your Dog's Urine

If reading scents is, for dogs, the equivalent of reading a written message, then the canine equivalent of ink is urine.

Stanley Coren, How to Speak Dog

Leaving urine markings, to dogs, is like sending out a resume. If dogs get so much information from urine, could we?

Learn what your dog’s urine can tell you about their health

Observing Your Dog’s Urine and Urinary Habits
My Dog's Pee: Observation

What can you tell from your dog’s pee by yourself? Think like a dog and learn to read the pee!

Veterinary Urinalysis
My Dog's Pee: Veterinary Urinalysis

A urinalysis is inexpensive, noninvasive, and provides a wealth of information about a dog’s well-being. Learn how to collect a sample and what the laboratory results mean.

Look and smell of urine

Brown Urine in Dogs: Why Is My Dog's Pee Dark/Brown?
Brown Urine

Normal urine should be shades of yellow. If your dog’s pee is brown in color, seek veterinary care immediately.

Canine Hematuria: Blood in Urine. Why Is There Blood in My Dog's Pee?
Blood in Urine

How does fresh blood get in the urine?

My Dog's Pee: Stinky Urine
Why Does My Dog’s Pee Smell Bad?

What does it mean when your dog’s urine smells bad?

Urinary behavior and habits

Changes in Urination/Urinary Accidents
Urinary accidents

Urinary accidents in housetrained dogs are signs of medical or behavioral problems. In either case, punishment is cruel and ineffective.

Potty Accidents in Dogs: Incontinence vs UTIs
Potty Accidents in Dogs: Incontinence versus UTIs

Always pay attention to your dog and make sure that a new problem doesn’t hide behind an existing one.

Real-life Stories

Brown Urine in a Dog: What Would You Do If It Was Your Dog? Jasmine’s Story
Pre-Anesthetic Blood Tests: Jack’s Test Reveals Kidney Failure
Chronic UTI in Dogs: Tara’s Increased Thirst and Urinary Accidents