Swelling in Dogs: Lilly’s Lump–What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog?

Regardless of the cause of your dog’s swelling, lumps, or bumps, the sooner you discover it, the better.

Swelling in Dogs: Lilly's Mysterious Lump

That is why grooming and physical contact with your dog goes beyond bonding and building a relationship. Your hands can find ticks, scabs, lumps, or swelling your eyes might not see.

Lilly’s mom was getting ready for a wellness exam. While waiting their turn, she was checking Lilly’s neck for a pea-sized bump she wanted the veterinarian to examine. Instead, she found a swelling the size of a hardboiled egg.

The swelling on Lilly’s neck was big and squishy.

It was well hidden in Lilly’s coat. How large would it have to get to be visible?

There was no sign of any swelling a few days back when Lilly got a bath and thorough brushing. Whatever this swelling was, it appeared fast.

Lilly’s mom’s heart sank–did Lilly sustain another rattlesnake bite?

It happened once before, and it was scary as hell. At first, it looked like a garden-variety bee sting, but quickly it blew up into a medical disaster.

But going over the events of the day, Lilly’s mom couldn’t recall anything out of the ordinary.

As she was parting Lilly’s coat looking for fang marks, all she found was bruising and redness at the peak of the mass. Perhaps this is not a snake bite after all. But whatever it was, it didn’t seem any less severe.

How easily can a routine wellness exam turn into an emergency visit?

The lump on Lilly’s neck took up a good portion of her neck and lower cheek.

Once the veterinarian shaved the area, she discovered

  • bruising and redness centered at the top of the swelling
  • discoloration streaking downward from that
  • squishy swelling that centered around a solid center
  • a pocket filled with fluid

Can you guess what happened to Lilly? What would you make of an acute swelling like that? What would you do if it was your dog?

Read Lilly’s story here.

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