Sticking with Trupanion: Cookie Too Is Insured With Trupanion

We’ve gone through the pet health insurance company selection process with JD. Trupanion was the most no-nonsense insurance we could find.

We enrolled Cookie, as soon as we were able to have her checked out by our vet.

Time is wasting. Why wait and risk getting a pre-existing condition in a health record simply by procrastinating? I would have happened with Cookie quicker than anybody could imagine.

Sticking with Trupanion: Cookie Too Is Insured With Trupanion

We insured Cookie for everything

We got the premium plan. This ought to cover about anything and everything, including any fancy treatments we can think of.

Of course, a theory is one thing. The only real measure of any insurance is what happens when you actually make a claim.

Our first claim came fast

We have now made our first claim for Cookie.

24 hours after we adopted her, Cookie became lame on her hind left leg. Fortunately, that turned out being nothing worse than a porcupine quill fragment.

However, it didn’t take long for Cookie to present another medical challenge. After she had a run-in with an electric horse fence, she started limping yet again. And so the diagnostic and treatment journey began.

Because of her off and on lameness we got some x-rays taken and we are following through the recommendation of physical therapy for her.

Trupanion communications

We received the first response on the same day the claim was filed.

We wanted to let you know that we have received your claim for Cookie we will make completing it as quickly as possible our priority. All of us at Trupanion would like to thank you for doing everything you can to take care of Cookie.

We got a confirmation email for each of the claimed invoices; one for the x-rays and one for the hydrotherapy, probably because they are each with a different hospital (clearly not every hospital has an underwater treadmill). The response to the hydrotherapy claim has a note that they are requesting more information. (The claim form doesn’t really have much room for details where it could be explained that the two are related, even though they were both filed together by Cookie’s primary vet)

Two days later we received another email, that Cookie’s claim is in the works.

Hello Jana, Your claim is currently being reviewed. Since this is your first claim for Cookie, we may need extra time obtaining Cookie’s medical records. If the medical records are straightforward, you should expect our assessment within 14 days from the day we received your claim. 

Fair enough, though I don’t know whether 14 days is good or bad timing since this is our first pet health insurance claim ever.

There is also a link to our Trupanion account where we can review the claim status online.

Cookies claim was processed without a hitch.

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