Scratching and Restlessness in Dogs: Teddy’s Story. What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog?

Teddy is a sweet, 2-year-old Cavalier Springer Spaniel. Do you know what to make of excessive head scratching in this breed?

Scratching and Restlessness in Dogs: Teddy's Story. What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog?

Teddy’s story

Cavalier Springer Spaniels are true love bugs. One look at them makes your heart melt.

Teddy found his forever home when he was 19 months old. He was a gentle boy and a wonderful companion.

First symptoms

Teddy’s mom got her first suspicion that something wasn’t right when Teddy started scratching. At first, he was scratching behind his front legs. Later, though, it seemed that both his ears were bothering him too. Initially, he was doing it on one side only but eventually on both sides.

Teddy also tried to avoid any grooming.

Healthy skin and ears

There was nothing wrong with Tedy’s ears and no tale of allergies his skin was telling. His ears and skin looked healthy.

At the veterinarian

As a dutiful, devoted owner, Teddy’s mom took him to a veterinarian. She wanted to find out what was bothering Teddy and get him relief.

The veterinarian seemed baffled by Teddy’s problem. The boy looked so healthy; what could be wrong?

Teddy’s veterinarian treated for parasites, skin issues, and put Teddy on an elimination diet–none of which made any difference.

No diagnosis

The answer to what was bothering Teddy was nowhere in sight.

It was very obvious by then, though, that Teddy was not a happy boy as he should have been.

He kept scratching incessantly. His facial expression and demeanor spelled pain, and he was very restless and couldn’t get comfortable. Over time, he even started limping and having problems with reflexes.

How would you interpret Teddy’s symptoms?

What do you think was wrong? Would you consider his breed when trying to figure it out? What would you do if Teddy was your dog?

Read Teddy’s story here.

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