Large Breed Dog Fencing: Humane and Effective Vinyl Panels

Dog owners are always on a quest for information on how to contain their dogs. Did you consider vinyl panel fencing?

Vinyl panel fencing meets my two criteria of of it being effective and humane.

Large Breed Dog Fencing: Humane and Effective Fencing


Effectiveness is essential for the proud owner of a confirmed four-footed escape artist otherwise known as Bridget. If there is a way to get out of the yard, Bridget has done it.

Below is the escapist, pictured with some of my sad pathetic and, dare I say, unattractive attempts to “Bridgetize” the yard.

Large Breed Dog Fencing: Humane and Effective Fencing

Effective fencing is imperative for noise reactive Doobie. He reacts strongly to movement paired with a loud noise, such as the dirt bikes in the neighborhood.

Talley reacts badly to sudden changes in her environment. That could include a stranger suddenly appearing around the corner of the house. Both Doobie and Talley will run barking towards that which frightens or startles them. Yes, I have my hands full. Effective and humane fencing is going up in the back yard of my new home. The project is now!


Humane: a prime consideration for myself, as a positive reinforcement dog trainer, committed to NOT using aversive tools.

Underground fencing with accompanying electric shock collars, is an aversive tool. I would never use it on my own dogs, or, recommend to any client. I see far too many reactive dogs with serious behavioral issues that live behind the barrier of an invisible fence.

Let’s discuss the benefits of the fencing. Review an article by a prominent trainer and author Pat Miller, discussing the dangers of using shock collars.  Download Simply Shocking  

Vinyl panel fencing

So curious about what kind of fencing we’re installing?

Large Breed Dog Fencing: Vinyl  Panels

A home owner with a bit of savvy should be able to manage as a do-it-yourself.

Vinyl panel fencing installation

Vinyl panel fencing advantages

  1. Low maintenance with the exception of posts. I recommend you paint it or treat it.
  2. Even the most athletic dog should have extreme difficulty in jumping the 6` height. (have seen Talley clear 4 and 1/2 ` mesh around asparagus at a single leap.)
  3. The panels are attractive and you can place decorative yard items on the posts.
  4. Climbing escape artists will have no purchase on the slick surface of the vinyl.
  5. For your diggers, you can set the panels into the ground.
  6. Solid. These panels are not going anywhere once set in their brackets, posts set in quick-crete.
  7. Long-lasting. Once installed will last for years.
  8. Low cost- if you can find the right deal. It never hurts to negotiate. We got an additional 10% moving discount from Lowe’s, and zero % interest for a year on a store credit card, which we plan to have paid for in a year.
  9. PEACE OF MIND!!!  I seriously cannot wait.

If you have been researching fencing, then here is a humane and effective option for you.

Problems with electronic fencing

Keep in mind that underground shock collar fencing:

  1. Not so humane.
  2. Can create behavioral issues.
  3. Extremely aroused dogs will run right through the shock barrier. And attack what is on the other side. I have had clients whose dogs have done just that.
  4. Once your dog is outside the fence, they will not re-enter the yard. That`s a given.
  5. I have seen extreme cases of fear where dogs will lay down in the yard and refuse to move.
  6. What is going to keep aggressive loose dogs OUT of your yard?
  7. Anyone going by will be able to interact with your dogs in whatever fashion they choose to.
  8. Batteries fail on the collars and dogs are not stupid about not hearing the warning tones.
  9. I just don`t like them.You have subject your dogs to electric shock!
  10. Would never recommend them. Did I mention that I just don`t like them?

Best of luck to you in pursuit of humane and effective fencing solutions for your own furry kids.

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