Animal Communicator for Dogs: Gotta Try Everything Once (Or Twice)—On The Quest To Figure Out Jasmine’s Episodes

Animal communication is the sharing of energies which develops into a two-way communication that is neither verbal or physical in nature.

It involves the exchange of thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions over time and distance. 

More information: What is Animal Communication?

Do I believe in it? Let’s say I believe in it enough. I am a skeptical person but I witnessed observations and insights that indicate it is real. I believe in it enough to turn to an animal communicator for the benefit of my dog(s).

Animal Communicator for Dogs: Gotta Try Everything Once (Or Twice)—On The Quest To Figure Out Jasmine's Episodes

Jasmine’s story

Jasmine’s episodes of panting, pacing, restlessness and discomfort continued and eluded explanation. They would come and go and nobody knew why and what to do about them. We tried everything.

A number of times we thought we had this all figured out and fixed. But the episodes went away only to return again. What else can one try when all the conventional, and even some of the less conventional,  options failed to bring a clear answer?

If she could tell us

Wouldn’t it be nice if Jasmine could simply tell us what is bothering her?

The first time I heard about the idea of an animal communicator was from hubby’s friend. She didn’t have direct experience with this, but her friend did an apparently the help she received this way was awesome. The idea certainly sounds wonderful in theory.

I was mulling this over for a long time but did not overcome my skepticism.

The second time this was suggested to me was by Dr. Nancy Kay. When discussing Jasmine’s episodes with her, she said that what we probably need is Doctor Dolittle—a doctor who can understand what animals are saying. “You might need to keep an open mind,” she said and suggested trying an animal communicator. Dr. Kay has seen cases where such insights did help to arrive at a diagnosis.

Coming from Dr. Kay, it put the idea into a completely different light.

The third time this subject came up was during Jasmine’s visit with her chiropractor. She [Jasmine’s chiropractor] too testified to cases when this approach led to a diagnosis and solution of a problem.

One thing seemed certain—it cannot hurt anything. Gotta try everything once (or twice), right?

Trying an animal communicator

The first time we tried this was with an animal communicator and Reiki practitioner recommended by Dr. Kay. OK, there were a couple of things about that session I had a problem with, but overall I have to admit it was quite impressive. She said some things about Jasmine that certainly did describe Jasmine. Some of the things she said about the episodes were right on the money and corresponded to my observations.

Unfortunately, while it sounded like that really is what Jasmine feels during her episodes, we weren’t able to pin a diagnosis to that either. To be fair, it is not always easy to diagnose a human being either, even though they can describe all their symptoms and sensations.

Why try again?

Same reason as the first time—desperate to find an answer. If it can’t hurt, why not do it? We’d go for a veterinary second opinion, why not go for one in a case like this too? Jasmine’s chiropractor said that the reports are very thorough, detailed and highly specific.

Most importantly, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t try it. It is easier to live with the mistakes you made, than with those you did not make.

I was truly impressed. Here is a transcript of the report. Generally, the first part of the session is Jasmine showing whatever Jasmine feels like showing, then she is asked specific questions and then this communicator does a body scan.

Animal communicator’s report on Jasmine

When I first connected with Jasmine I got the sense of her having a very playful and sweet temperament.
          [Jana] She certainly is.

She shows me carrying something that looks like it’s Kleenex or some paper product and with this is a sense of wanting to play and be chased. As if she would take things she is not supposed to just to want to play.
          [Jana] This is actually very funny, because Jasmine loved paper stuffs since she was little. She loved ripping up tissues and toilet paper and she loves burying things too. This really paints a picture of Jasmine

I feel her hind end is weak as I see her trying to pull herself up with her front legs.
          [Jana] Jasmine certainly has been having problems with some of the hip muscles, so yes, this makes perfect sense.

She shows me something massaging her left shoulder and it does feel like there is some muscle pain there but she really seems to be enjoying the massage.
          [Jana] I do massage that area during the episodes because it does seem the front left side is a problem area during these. This also corresponds with what the earlier communicator said.

She shows me walking in water, not swimming but walking along in water so I’m not sure if she doesn’t like to swim or if she is just in shallow water.
          [Jana] Quite cute because the communicator was confused about this; the first thing that comes to my mind is Jasmine’s underwater treadmill.

She is giving me the sense of someone wrapping their arms around her neck and just hugging her and she feels the love when you do this.
          [Jana] That would be me, I do this a lot.

I see the pads of her paw and I feel that she has had some sort of injury or crack in the pad, feels like the front left past injury.
          [Jana] She had a cut from a broken glass

She is showing me scratching like crazy. It is her left hind that reaches up to the left shoulder or underarm area to scratch.
          [Jana] This one is very interesting because Jasmine actually is not an itchy dog and hardly ever scratches herself. However, during the episodes she is trying to reach toward her front left side; I always thought it’s towards her elbow but it could be that it is someplace else she’s trying to reach. The question remains does she want to scratch because of itchiness or another type of sensation.

She again shows me someone hugging her and they are talking to her and she is very thankful for all that they are doing for her and she wants them to know that she understands what they are saying.
          [Jana] Never hurts to hear this again

She is showing me her heart beating regularly but I am feeling the heart is stressed as it feels to me like it is pounding and with that I have a sensation of compression between the shoulder blades along the spine (so I am thinking that when she starts going into these bouts she gets tense and carries stress in this area)
          [Jana] Yes, I definitely think that whatever is behind these episodes it is a source of huge stress. The mention of a sensation of compression between the shoulder blades also corresponds with the report from the first communicator.

She is showing me the left hip and the joint seems to be off a bit as I am seeing the socket almost capping instead of cupping the ball end of the joint.

          [Jana] This is interesting because there certainly is a problem in the left hip area, though it is believed to be a problem with soft tissues and muscles, rather than the joint. Something to investigate further.

I am hearing someone calling her “you silly girl” as they rub her head.
          [Jana] Too funny, because yes, this is exactly what I do when she’s being silly.

Questions for Jasmine

1) What is bothering you during those episodes?

She is showing me having problems breathing through her nose maybe because she is panting so much. It is not abdominal discomfort or internal problems.

To me it does not feel physical but more mental as her body seems to react like she is under stress and I am not getting any pain from her that is creating this She is showing me someone working at the base of her tail and it feels like they are wiping something off or stroking her and she is just standing there.

          [Jana] I don’t really feel it is caused by pain, also because it does not respond to pain meds. I don’t really feel it is strictly psychological, though. Jasmine doesn’t come across as fearful. She seems happy and content. There is, however, definitely a lot of stress involved in the episodes, the question is what is the source. Something to ponder.

2) Is it pain? Itching? Tingling? Other sensation?

I do feel she has bouts of being itchy but this is not the issue Yes to tingling and it’s her body all over. I feel she may be oversensitive to various energetic/magnetic shifts. Does she react to your moods as well? Does moon changes affect her also? Geopathic stress can effect dogs as well so changes under the earth’s surfaces.

I have done healing for her sensing chakra to see if I can bring down her sensing ability to a more balanced state.

          [Jana] Tingling was on my list of suspects, that’s why I asked that. Interesting thoughts regarding the magnetic shifts and geopathic stress, something I was wondering about. Moon does not seem to be involved as I did track moon phases in respect to Jasmine’s episodes and no clear pattern showed up.

3) Is it something else, do you have a hard time to breathe?

Yes and I think this is because she is stressed mentally and in turn physically.

          [Jana] Interesting, because I always felt it was the other way around.

4) Is it worse when you lay down?

She is uncomfortable when laying down

          [Jana] That was my observation which I wanted to confirm.

5) What would you like me to do for you during these?

Comfort and reassure but also give her space the more you dote over her the more stressed she gets.

Grounding – visualize a white light coming in the top of her head and going through her body and out all four paws and the end of her tail and going into the earth. Then visualize all the extra energy she does not need and she is picking up go out the bottom of her feet and the end of her tail and make sure you visualize it going deep into the earth so there is a good flow going.

Then you can visualize her in a white bubble with gold trim and set it with the intention of the gold trim stopping her from taking in excess energies.

You can try Herbal Calmer (brand name) or E-Z rest (by Omega Alpha).

You can also try to use a wrap like a T-shirt as long as it is snug but not tight – this works on the principle of swaddling like babies.
Look up dowsing for geopathic stress.
          [Jana] A lot to digest here but might as well try it; tried everything else.

6) Did any of the things we tried ever help?

Marginally  – she is showing me what looks like a yellow/gold powder?

          [Jana] That would have to be the TCVM herbals.

Jasmine’s body scan

  • Neurologically – all seems ok I don’t feel it is a neurological issue
              [Jana] neurological issues were pretty much ruled out
  • Eyes – good
  • Ears – good
  • Mouth – teeth are good
              [Jana] yeah, they are, Jasmine’s vet is pleased with them; they get brushed twice daily
  • Thyroid – seems off as well (I am actually hearing all over the place so to me that would mean fluctuating which I have never had before)
              [Jana] This is extremely interesting! Something that was on my mind and something that came up in the results of Jasmine’s fur analysis also. This would actually be one of my primary suspects, which could also be behind the stress.
  • Heart – seems good but does become stressed during episodes
              [Jana] yes, on both counts; heart checked out but does show signs if distress during the episodes
  • Lungs – seem good
              [Jana] yes, lungs checked out
  • Her digestive system seems to be working ok but slow
              [Jana] yes, that is correct
  • Pancreas  – good
  • Liver – feels like it has toxin buildup
  • Kidneys – good
  • Adrenals – good
  • Spine is good aside from what was mentioned above
  • Front legs seem good
              [Jana] yes, the joints seem happy now after the stem cell treatment

Well, that is a lot to ponder … gives some things to focus on and try out though.

Note: this is all done remotely; the communicator never met Jasmine and could not have been reading her body language or any other physical signs.

What do I think?

I don’t know for sure what I think exactly but I was quite impressed and it certainly did give us some ideas to pursue where there weren’t any. We have used June many times since and she always impressed me and provided useful insights.

Do you have experience with an animal communicator?

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