TPEFM Therapy for Dogs: Staying in the Loop with Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (TPEFM) is an effective non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment option.

TPEFM therapy offers adjunctive or supplemental treatment to ongoing veterinary care from your dog’s vet, therapist, chiropractor, etc. You can easily apply this treatment on days other than laser or other therapy sessions. Adding this option can extend the benefits between scheduled professional appointments.

TPEFM Therapy for Dogs: Staying in the Loop with Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

TPFEM is a subtle signal produced by a magnetron, or magnet receiving an electrical charge.

The signal has a bandwidth frequency in the shortwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  An induction coil, ring or flexible loop delivers the electromagnetic signal to the patient.  A popular TPEMF choice in the veterinary physical rehabilitation field is the Assisi Loop.

How TPEFM works

When the magnet is polarized by activating the TPEMF loop’s signal generator, it creates an electromagnetic field around the patient’s body tissues.  The field surrounds the patient’s affected area. The pulse induces a type of cellular “exercise”. This increases cellular metabolism and induces cell membranes to release unwanted fluids. The health effect is the decrease in both pain and inflammation.

Research studies show that TPEMF affects metabolic processes in living tissue by releasing nitric oxide synthase. This promotes tissue healing and oxygenation.

The Assisi loop is sized with a 7.5-inch diameter ring. This is significant as TPEMF penetrates the body at a depth 2/3 of the loop’s diameter.  While it does not deliver the one-two punch power of laser therapy and is not a cure-all, it is still effective.

If you compared laser to a wrecking ball in breaking down scar tissue and jump-starting the healing process after injury, TPEMF is like a sweeper, picking up the smaller pieces.

TPEFM uses

The conditions that respond to TPEFM therapy include acute trauma with inflammation such as

  • ligament sprains and muscle strains
  • fascia irritation
  • fracture healing
  • arthritis flare-ups
  • IVDD
  • post-surgery pain
  • wound healing
  • various types of internal organ inflammation

I started using the TPEMF Assisi Loop earlier this year with several animals in a shelter, for 3 private home-care patients, on my own dog Penelope, and even for myself.  I wasn’t sure if this little loop could really do very much, but I knew it would not cause harm.

Within the first 2-3 trials, I knew it was effective!

In the shelter, it helped with feline patients who didn’t like handling (you know how those cats can be!). 

The vet tech staff used it on dogs and cats for follow-up care in the treatment between weekly PT visits for

  • wounds
  • hip fractures, and
  • post-op amputation incisions

The Veterinary Medical Director found positive responses in patients treated with the Assisi loop.

TPEMF helps ease visceral inflammatory conditions such as

  • cystitis
  • pancreatitis
  • colitis, and constipation

I have a theory (though completely unscientific) that the signal parameters of the TPEMF closely match biorhythms of digestive organs during their involuntary functions!

Scientists say that the TPEMF waveform causes the release of protein enzymes which stimulates the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. This, in turn, increases the tone of smooth muscle, blood vessels, and airways.

How to use it

Place the Assisi loop over the body as directed by your vet or therapist. Sometimes you need to apply it atop the skin or fur and other times around the limb or body. Looping it over and around the treated area is preferable.

The loop is flexible and can be molded a little or slightly bent to contour to the treatment area. 

It can also form a small double loop if you gently twist it into a figure eight pattern or fold it back on itself.

Make sure it always maintains a circular shape and does not get elongated (like a pencil) nor folded in half (like a taco shell). Once in place, you simply press and power button and a flashing light will signal the start of the 15-minute treatment. 

Each Assisi loop is loaded with 150 15-minute treatments, with auto shut-off.

You can apply the treatment 2-3 times per day at least 2 hours apart, to allow full recharge. As the patient improves you can decrease application to once a day, then every other day, per vet instructions. 

Do not apply TPEMF immediately after a physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, and optimally on a different day.

TPEFM Therapy for Dogs: Staying in the Loop with Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Contraindications to TPEFM Therapy for Dogs

  • the biggest no-no is metal–do not use it while your dog is in a metal crate or kennel
  • do not use it near cardiac pacemakers or near/over metal implants, especially lead
  • keep it dry–the loop is not waterproof
  • don’t use it acute uncontrolled infections
  • keep it away from any equipment with flammable oxygen, nitrous oxide or in oxygen-enriched atmospheres
  • TPEMF can cause interference with FM radio or possibly TV picture
  • discontinue use If cracks appear in the ring or another damage occurs

How to get one

You can obtain TPEMF Assisi Loop through your veterinarian or therapist. They may keep it in stock or it can be prescribed, ordered and shipped to you. Some practitioners rent them on a weekly basis for short-term use or to evaluate its effectiveness before committing to purchase.

Some of the products offered by Assisi Animal Help

Updated July 2019

Assisi Loop 2.0

Original Assisi Loop design comes in two sizes and two versions – standard and auto-cycle.

Standard Assisi Loop 2.0 is recommended for a variety of conditions including chronic and degenerative.

Auto-Cycle Assisi Loop is preferred for treatment after surgery or injury.

Assisi Lounge

Assisi Loop Lounge Atom and Assisi Loop Lounge Air are rechargeable therapy beds.

Available in two sizes for full body treatment.

Assisi Lounge Atom with Carrier

A contained, comfortable space for healing at home or during travel.

Treatment fiend extends up to 10 inches from the floor of the carrier for full body treatment.

Updated pricing and details can be found on the Assisi website:

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