Best Dog Blogs of 2020

What are the best dog blogs to follow?

People who love dogs also love reading about them and learning how to make their lives the best they can be. Considering how long we have shared our homes with dogs, there is always more that we can learn how to better understand them and care for them. The moment you figure you know it all, you give up on insights that could improve your bond, your dog’s happiness, and their health.

Even veterinarians and training and behavior professionals learn something new all the time. Shouldn’t you? Immerse yourself in the wealth of information these blogs offer.

Best Dog Blogs of 2020

The blogs are in no particular order. Check them all out and decide which ones speak to you. I will keep updating the list as I come across blogs to include.

The Other End of the Leash

Best Dog Behavior Blog:  The Other End of the Leash

Do you know Patricia B. McConnell, PhD,? If you don’t and you have a dog, you must fill in this gap.

Patricia B. McConnell is the author of some of the best books on dog training and behavior out there such as The Other End of the Leash, For the Love of A Dog: Understanding Emotions in You and Your Best Friend and Tales of Two Species.

And she also shares a lot of insightful information on her blog, The Other End of the Leash. Do not miss out.

Keep the Tail Wagging

Best Dog Raw Feeding Blog:  Keep the Tail Wagging

Are you considering a raw diet for your dog but don’t know where to start? Then Keep the Tail Wagging is the website for you. It features resources and articles about DIY raw feeding, taking the stigma out of the equation.

Keep the Tail Wagging is an educational company with global reach dedicated to raising awareness of natural alternative canine (and feline) care for curious pet parents looking to be well informed. Keep the Tail Wagging provides articles, books, videos, local seminars, recipes, and online databases via our talented team of passionate pet parents who want to raise awareness of the value of feeding a fresh diet to their pets.

Groovy Goldendoodles

Groovy Goldendoodles blog

Goldendoodles are infectious with their floppy ears, huge button noses and almost human-like expressions and gestures. But they are also so misunderstood. Disliked for their popularity, made fun of because of their easy-going carefree nature and ridiculed for being a hybrid breed.

Learn about how intelligent these dogs are and how they do an amazing job as therapy dogs. Visit Groovy Goldendoodles if you want to overcome the myths and stigma attached to this breed blend.

Go Pet Friendly

Best Dog Travel Blog:  The Other End of the Leash

Do you like to travel with your dog? Then Go Pet Friendly is a must-follow dog blog for you.

Finding dog-friendly fun places to enjoy with your dog isn’t as easy as you’d think. You can spend hours in from of the computer and on the phone trying to find dog-friendly hotels and venues, or you can get the best information all in one place, Go Pet Friendly. It offers a comprehensive collection of pet-friendly restaurants, wineries, dog parks and beaches. You will find information about veterinarians, pet supply stores, dog daycare, and pet sitters should you need them.

Dog’s Best Life

Best Dog Blogs of 2020: Dog's Best Life

Dog’s Best Life is an online magazine that offers tips and information you can use to keep your dog happy, healthy, and well-behaved. Their website includes a wonderful blog with articles about dog health, training, and fun. I particularly recommend you to check out their dog health section.

The Bark Magazine

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

Who doesn’t love dog magazines? The Bark is a magazine of modern dog culture. This award-winning publication has a nationwide readership but it also has wonderful articles about dog culture, wellness, training, food and recipes, activities and more.

The Bark has chronicled the America’s love affair with dogs, the evolving status of canine pets and their role in society, as well as the incredible rise in services and products. The Bark has become the recognized expert on the social/cultural world of dogs in America, and what they mean to us.

Holistic Pet Wellness

Best Dog Blogs of 2020:  Holistic Pet Wellness

Holistic care is often dismissed by the conventional approach. Wishing for a magic pill that would solve all your dog problems, medical or behavioral, is mostly futile. Holistic care doesn’t merely mean using a holistic remedy instead of modern drugs. It means addressing all your dog’s needs inside and out. It means paying attention to and optimizing every aspect of your dog’s life. That includes building a healthy relationship, stress reduction, diet, exercise, and mindful care.

Big Dog Mom

Best Big Dogs Blog:  The Other End of the Leash

Is there a difference in how to care for a large dog as opposed to a small one? While some things remain the same, there are challenges unique to big dogs. As a large dog lover, I know well what those differences are. Yet, I would never exchange my Rottweiler for a smaller breed.

Big Dog Mom™ is an award-winning brand, educational and entertaining blog, that focuses on life with the large breed and giant breed dogs. It highlights topics such as health, wellness, nutrition, travel behavior, training, product reviews and more.

My Brown Newfies

Best Dog Blogs of 2020:  My Brown Newfies

Speaking of large dogs—how about Newfoundlands? My Brown Newfies is a blog dedicated to this wonderful large breed.

My Brown Newfies is a personal pet/lifestyle blog about dogs; specifically Newfoundland dogs and bigs, pet health, pet products, family, and totally crazy stories that only seem to ever happen to the author and her dogs.

My Brown Newfies too has a dog health section.

The Pet Lifestyle Guru

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

The Pet Lifestyle Guru is another wonderful blog about holistic dog care and wellness with focus on all-natural, holistic, homeopathic and herbal modalities.

The blog’s focus is to arm pet-parents with current information to guide their decisions about their pup’s health and well-being. They do the research, talking to industry experts, and then share what they learned,

The Pet Lifestyle Guru is a go-to resource for living a healthy, happy, and holistic pet-centric life with dogs!

Fearful Dogs

Best Blog on Fearful Dogs: Fearful Dogs

Is living with a fearful dog an insurmountable challenge? It is not but it takes a ton of patience and understanding. Fearful dogs is the best resource for anybody who has a fearful, shy or anxious dog.

Did you know that it is okay to comfort your dog when they’re afraid? Do you know how to change the way your dog feels about things and how to make them not scary? Learn from a certified professional dog trainer with direct experience with rehabilitating likely the most fearful dog ever.

All Things Dog Blog

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

You can tell from the title that this blog offers information about all aspects of living with dogs. That includes solving or preventing problems that pups are prone to, including family problem-solving. The blog offers guidance about solving dog behavior issues which can be helpful to you.

What I love the most is their Ask the Vet section where veterinarians answer dog health questions.

Fidose of Reality

Best Dog Blogs of 2020: Fidose of Reality

Fidose of Reality is focused on health and wellness for Cocker Spaniels but a lot of their information translates for other breeds as well. The website has sections on dog health, behavior, and training, nutrition, but also lifestyle articles and recommended products and supplies.

If you love dogs and want the latest dog health and wellness news with a reality-based perspective, Fidose of Reality is for you.

My GBGV Life

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

Dedicated to French Scent Hounds, this blog too has great content for every dog lover as well. Find breed-specific information as well as articles about healthy lifestyle, dog sports, recipes, and product reviews. And just as importantly, you can enjoy beautiful dog photos.

Kol’s Notes

Best DIY Dog Blog: Kol's Notes

Dog you enjoy DIY project for your dog? Then Kol’s Notes is the place for you. The website is loaded with DIY tips, tricks and crafty ideas for dog lovers.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty dog treat recipe, fun & functional craft or dog-friendly home care tips, the DIY Dog can help. The blog has the best tips on how to do everything from baking a doggy birthday cake to making a footrest that hides your dog toys to all-natural, dog-friendly cleaning tips.

That Mutt

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

Are you looking to improve the relationship with your dog? Do you want no-nonsense insights to dog training, behavior, and exercise? Then That Mutt is the blog for you.

The website features dog training articles featuring how to stop a dog’s possessiveness, crying for attention, socialization mistakes, and more. And if you want to come out of the closet with a raw diet for your dog, you can find information about commercial raw dog food and homemade dog food recipes too.

Eileen and Dogs

Best Dog Blogs of 2020:  Eileen and Dogs

Another treasure for you to discover is the Eileen and Dogs blog. The website is loaded with great information about dog training, dog body language, behavior science, desensitization and counterconditioning, and more.

Learn from the author’s own experiences and stories, enjoy tips and insights to fixing the problems with communicating with your dog for the best outcome.

Pawsitively Pets

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

Written by a veterinary technician, this blog is dedicated to all things animal—dogs, cats, small exotic mammals, birds, and reptiles. I read it for the dog content, of course.

Pawsitively Pets is full of engaging content where you can always learn something great while having fun.

Heart Like a Dog

Best Dog Blogs of 2020: Heart Like a Dog

Enjoy stories about Sampson and Delilah and be part of the learning process and finding out new ways of doing things. Personal experiences are an invaluable source of wisdom and always helpful to anybody who is dealing with similar challenges.

The personal, heart-felt content will make you binge-read and bookmark this blog.


Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

Pawcurious blog belongs to Dr. V, a veterinarian with an open mind, a sense of humor and an enjoyable writing style. You will be entertained while absorbing wisdom and learning about pet health, cooking, healthy living and more.

Puppy Leaks

Best Dog Blogs of 2020: Puppy Leaks

The title of the blog says it all. The blog offers an insider information and tips on how to live a happier, healthier life with your dog. You can find a top secret advice on how to keep your dog busy indoors, reduce food guarding, and everything in between.

What started as sharing a personal journey of learning to understand dog behavior grew into a well of useful information.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Best Holistic Vet Blog:  The Other End of the Leash

Are you interested in integrative veterinary medicine? Discover the world of acupuncture and other holistic solutions for your dog from Dr. Patrick Mahaney, a holistic veterinarian and certified veterinary journalist.

Integrative veterinary medicine is a wonderful marriage of conventional medicine and veterinary science with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Open your horizons by learning all the different ways you can approach your dog’s health challenges.

Dog Cancer blog

Best Dog Cancer Blog: Dog Cancer Blog

Do you want to learn about dog cancer and how to kick its butt? The Dog Cancer blog is loaded with insightful and up-to-date information about a full-spectrum approach to treating dog cancer.

A holistic veterinarian Dr. Demian Dressler came together with a renowned veterinary oncologist, Dr. Susan Ettinger to put together this wonderful resource. Full of great information and resources, if your dog is battling cancer, this blog is for you. As well as it doesn’t hurt to load up on knowledge even if your dog is healthy.

Dog Knee Injury

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

A torn cruciate ligament are the most common injury in dogs. The diagnosis is straightforward but the road to health is scary. Dog Knee Injury is an invaluable resource of information about all treatment options as well as you can find stories of others who have been through it.

Empower yourself with knowledge that will allow you to make the best decision for your dog.

Worms and Germs Blog

Best Dog Infectious Diseases Blog: Worms and Germs Blog

Do you hate cooties? The best way of avoiding them hurting your dog is by arming yourself with knowledge. The unique blog focuses, as you can guess, or worms and germs.

Kept by Dr. Scott Weese of the Ontario Veterinary College, this blog covers all news and updates about things that could infect your dog.

My Dog Likes

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

You know what you want for your dog. But do you know what your dog likes? Dog are individuals with different personalities and appreciation for different things. The best way to spoil your dog is by learning what they like.

My Dog Likes is designed for dog owners looking to provide the best possible lives for their furry friends. Here you will find comprehensive dog product reviews, dog-friendly travel guides, and tips for proper dog care.

Canine Corner

Best Dog Behavior Blog: Canine Corner

Part of Psychology Today, Canine Corner is a wonderful column written by Dr. Stanley Coren, the author of The Intelligence of Dogs and other wonderful books.

Dr. Coren was seeking kind and dog-friendly solutions to dog training and behavior issues long before the rest of the dog-training world caught up. Each of the articles reflects on new exciting research into dog behavior. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn.

Champion of My Heart

Dog Blogs to Follow:  The Other End of the Leash

This award-winning dog blog by Roxanne Hawn is a real-time canine memoir. It features adventures of rescue Border Collies that came to thrive in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Heartwarming stories, training, agility, and battling health challenges, this blog has it all. The website is offering resources, including the subject of coping with the loss of a beloved dog.

Oh My Dog

Best Dog Blogs of 2020: Oh My Dog

OMD delivers a positive dose of dog (and cat) a couple of times a week. At OMD you’ll find a range of pet-related topics: stories about my herd, reviews, DIY projects, training tips, and more.

Through a variety of content, every post reflects the blog’s core values:

  • compassion
  • service
  • authenticity
  • community
  • environmental responsibility

Is your favorite dog blog missing on this list? Don’t be shy and let me know what blog you’d like to see included and why.

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