Veterinary Highlights: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Goes To The Dogs

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used in human medicine to treat conditions such as non-healing wounds, traumatic injuries, and serious infections.

Now, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is going to the dogs.

Hyperbaric capsules have been used to treat animals bitten by rattlesnakes, hit by cars and those with infected wounds or wounds that won’t heal.

This treatment is very new to veterinary medicine, but it seems very effective for treating trauma and injuries.

Typically, blood flow to the diseased tissue is compromised which in turn decreases the amount of oxygen available for tissue healing. Hyperbaric therapy is able to increase tissue oxygen levels in diseased tissue which improves and speeds healing, improves the body’s ability to fight infections, and reduces inflammation and swelling.

Because there is little research on the benefits of this treatment for pets, this summer, The University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine will begin clinical trials to determine its efficacy.

On the coolness scale, very high in my opinion.


HVM’s List of Veterinary Partners That Have a HBOT Chamber

  • Veterinary Healthcare Associates, Winter Haven, FL, 33884 – (863) 324-3340
  • Holistic Veterinary Care & Rehabilitation Center, Oakland, CA, 94611 – (510) 339-2600
  • VCA Advanced Veterinary Care, Fishers, IN, 46038 – (317) 578-4100
  • Pet Emergency & Specialty Services of Jupiter, Jupiter, FL, 33458 – (561) 741-4041
  • Saint Francis Animal Hospital, Jacksonville, FL, 32207 – (904) 674-7223
  • Animal Emergency & Critical Care of Brevard County, Melbourne, FL, 32935 – (321) 725-5365
  • University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine, Gainsville, FL, 32608
  • Homestead Animal Hospital, Homestead, FL, 33030 – (305) 247-3845
  • Critical Care & Veterinary Specialists of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL, 34231 – (941) 929-1818
  • Lakeland SPCA/McClurg Animal Medical Center, Lakeland, FL, 33813 – (563) 646-7722
  • Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic, Port Orange, FL, 32129 – (386) 788-1550
  • Peace Love Pets Veterinary Clinic, Long Island, NY, 11725 – (631) 499-3300
  • Calusa Veterinary Center, Boca Raton, FL, 33847 – (561) 999-3000

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Hyperbaric oxygen chambers used to treat family pets with swollen tissues, infected wounds

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