What Would You Do If It Was Your Dog: Flossy’s Mysterious Vomiting


Border Collie
2 years old at the time
intact female

The Story Of Flossy And The Mystery Vomiting

Flossy was a young, energetic girl with no health issues to speak of. She would always get the odd people food treat and was handling them fine.

That morning, however, when she got a small piece of her dad’s toast, it immediately came back out–as if it literally got catapulted back. Because Flossy was acting otherwise normally, nobody was too concerned. It was just puzzling.

That night, though, Flossy started vomiting. She was sick all over the place. The vomit seemed to be mostly water.

It happened around the same time after Flossy’s heat as before. And because Flossy felt poorly then too, events seemed to be following a familiar pattern.

Flossy kept being sick for a few days.

She would vomit during the night and in the morning–mostly water. As it went on, Flossy’s mom became concerned that Flossy might be suffering from pyometra. That’s what landed Flossy an emergency appointment at her veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian didn’t find anything wrong.

Flossy’s blood work looked good and abdominal ultrasound didn’t show anything suspicious or alarming. Perhaps it was just Flossy’s hormones? She did exhibit other symptoms of a phantom pregnancy–nesting, collecting toys, and whining.

Flossy kept throwing up and started losing weight.

She kept down her food but when she drank, the water didn’t seem to find a place to go other than back out. Why would the food stay down but the water wouldn’t? Why would this go on for this long–two and a half weeks now?

Something needed to be done to get to the bottom of it.

What do you make of Flossy’s symptoms? What would you do if it was your dog?

Find out what was wrong with Flossy.

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