What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Allie’s Muscle Wasting


spayed female

Allie was as sweet as a Maltese can be. A beautiful, loving little girl.

Allie's Muscle Wasting

On the surface, Allie seemed perfectly fine. Her appetite was good, she wasn’t losing weight. While her weight remained stable, Allie kept wasting before her mom’s eyes. Allie was losing muscle mass and she was losing hair.

When Allie was brought to see a veterinarian, they examined her, did some basic labs and concluded that her muscle wasting was because of her advanced age.

Overall, Allie’s veterinarian didn’t seem concerned with Allie’s situation.

Allie’s mom was, though. Surely something must be going on for Allie vanishing before the eyes? It’s not like Allie wasn’t getting any exercise so her body would decide there was no need to maintain them. Other dogs of Allie’s age don’t look like emaciated stray dogs; why does Allie?

What would you make of Allie’s muscle wasting? Would you buy that it was simply age-related? What would you do if Allie was your dog?

Read Allie’s story and find out what her diagnosis was.

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