Veterinary Highlights: OrthoPets’ Orthotics & Prosthetics

When Jasmine was diagnosed with a ruptured ACL, the last thing we wanted to do was putting her through surgery.

As it turned out, surgery was what we did, and today I strongly believe that it is the best option for most dogs.

What if surgery isn’t a good option for your dog?

We did a lot of research into non-surgical options for Jasmine’s knee injury. One of the things we considered was a stifle brace.

When I went online and did a search for stifle braces, I had a picture in my mind what I thought such a device should look like. Except I wasn’t finding any. Some of the products I came across I wouldn’t even recognize as being a brace!

Veterinary Highlights: OrthoPets' Orthotics & Prosthetics

Then I stumbled upon the OrthoPets’ stifle brace.

Now, that one looked like what I thought it should! I read all I could about it but I still had many questions. I ended up talking to the founder of OrthoPets; I had a lot of tough questions. All his answers really impressed me, and should we have gone with the brace option, this would be the one we’d use.

Stifle brace isn’t the only product OrthoPets offer.

They also provide braces for hock and paw, elbow, wrist, and paw, as well as full hind and fore-limb prosthetics and adaptive devices.

Their products are held in high regard by the orthopedic department of Colorado State University (yes, I talked to them then also).

Their devices are truly custom fitted for each patient.

The cast molding process looks a bit scary but I’m sure your veterinarian could handle that just fine. (Interestingly, Jasmine’s vet at that time refused to help us out with getting the mold done, which I still cannot get over)

I think that the OrthoPets’ orthotics and prosthetics are really well thought out and well designed and it would be what I’d choose should I need one for our dog.

Did any of you use OrthoPets orthotic or prosthetic for your dog? Let us hear from you.

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